TikTok Money Calculator
[Income Estimator for Influencers]

Similar to Instagram, TikTok users have started making money as influencers, working with major brands to include mentions and messages about their services and products. Some influencers have reported hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings.

The TikTok Money Calculator allows you to calculate your estimated income from your TikTok account, if you think you are an influencer, based on your engagement and number of followers.

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How can you earn money on TikTok?

There are two main factors for you to start earning money on TikTok.

The first and most common factor is called Influencer Marketing, which means that you can promote different brands or products in your videos. In other words, it means that you can create videos with sponsored ads that could generate more sales for the brand or product.

The second factor to earn money on TikTok is that you advertise or sell your own products or services in your videos. For example, if your video theme is makeup, you could promote your own beauty products or offer online makeup courses.

How much money can you earn on TikTok?

The amount of money you could earn with your TikTok account differs greatly from each profile. The income for sponsoring a brand will depend a lot on your niche, location, the brand's target audience, your engagement rate, etc.

However, there are other factors regarding engagement that determine the income potential of a TikTok user. For example, if a video accumulates many hearts, and the user has many followers, then the video is more likely to be suggested to other users, who in turn will see it, and who potentially, in the future, acquire a product or service of the sponsored brand.

The brand should always keep in mind that the more engagement a user has, the more likely it is that their followers will remember and interact with that brand. For this reason, high engagement among your followers, hearts and views influences engagement and potential earnings.

How can you become an influencer and earn money?

TikTok is unique in that it only supports video content, which is done with the purpose of it going viral. A small portion of users are casual publishers, who make a video to share with their followers and friends, while most users post with the goal of turning their videos viral. Thus claiming his 15 seconds of fame.

Becoming an influencer is not something that happens overnight, so you need to constantly work and publish quality content that people love and share. By following this advice, you will see how your engagement rate will progressively increase and the possibility of being sponsored by a brand will increase exponentially.